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TP cases related to TP online course

Australia 2015 Article 9 Chevron Australia Holdings (Pty) Ltd v CoT [2015] FCA 1092

Australia Appeal 2017 Chevron Australia v Comm of Tax [2017 FCAFC 62]

Australia Roche Products Pty Ltd (NT 2005_7 & 56-65)


Canada GE Capital [2010 FCA 344] CanLII – 2010 FCA 344 (CanLII)

Canada GE Capital [2010 FCA 344] summary

India – LG Electronics ID v ACIT [2013 29 300] bright line test

INDIA – Summary of India TP cases IBFD Tax Research Platform

India – TP marketing intangibles Article on bright line test & cases incl LG Electronics

Ireland:Apple state aid [SA.38373]

LIST OF Associated Enterprise Article 9 TP cases IBFD Tax Research Platform

Netherlands:Starbucks state aid [SA.38374]

UK and US TP cases DSG and Xilinx summaries Tax Journal

UK transfer pricing rules DSG v HMRC [2009 UKFTT 31 (TC)]

UK transfer pricing rulesDSG Retail v HMRC summary

US TP cases Case_law_milestones_US_TP

US TP summaries with TP intro

Africa TP cases:

TP judgments in Africa – as at Nov 2019