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Tax risk management free pdf book


by Dr Daniel N Erasmus PhD EA USTCP Int’l Tax Attorney


Tax Risk Management is more relevant than ever.

Here is a tax risk management plan template, based on our one project in Hungary for a MNE:

TRM Policy Document PRECEDENT General with Hungary – case study

Here is a groundbreaking judgment against SARS where additional assessments were set aside because SARS failed to issue a Letter of Findings:

If you have a client, where SARS has issued adjustments or additional assessments without issuing a letter of findings, please review the case carefully. PLEASE NOTE: Now that you are aware that SARS failed to issue a Letter of Findings, your client now has 180 days to launch a High Court application to set aside the SARS adjustments or additional assessments for failing to issue a letter of findings. The clock is ticking…act now. We will assist.

PLEASE send your request to