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Transfer Pricing Course Assignment and Tutorial Questions

All the assignment dates and the tutorial dates for submission of answers can be found on the Curriculum Spreadsheet:

see for example:

Any late assignments and tutorial answers submissions will NOT be marked. You will lose your points/marks.



The 3 assignments counts 10{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} each, ie. 30{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} towards the 100{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} course marks/points:

  1. Assignment 1 TP one source study assignment

Here are the 2018 August assignment 1’s:

  1.  Assignment 2 TP Country summary and here is an example: Assignment 2 eg. Assignment 2 eg. US TP Country Summary
  2. Assignment 3 TP Coca-cola case summary – Start your Assignment 3 preparation now – start reading the EXTENSIVE DOCUMENTS: the pre-trial filing of Coca-cola to the US tax court, and the long list of supporting articles, and start summarizing the case using the principles in 1 Reading cases SSRN-id1160925 This may appear as a key exam question as well. The coca-cola case pre-trial document and articles can be found here:


TUTORIALS – there are 2 parts – the summaries below, and then the questions you can put to your tutor during the live tutorials after listening to the lectures, on the dates stated in the Curriculum

The tutorial questions count 50{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} towards the 100{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} course marks/points. A 2 page point summary of each lecture must be submitted after each lecture BUT BEFORE the next lecture, otherwise you will lose ALL those tutorial points. All summaries after each lecture must be sent to:,

The tutorials count 50{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} towards year end of mark of 100{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e}. So the tutorial questions are very important.

All the reading materials are available in each LECTURE WEEK page on and hyper-linked in the Curriculum spreadsheet ABOVE.

Each tutorial must be in
Word, 11pt Calibri font,
1 1/2 spacing, following the following method for citation
1 Bluebook Citation Form
with Heading:


Tutorial No. xx

The FINAL exam
 counts 20{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} towards the 100{780f53c297e2c008074d23b865a0ce0b35a4f08852d8e1e49466a5a902c4e44e} course marks/points.


2018 – IBFD Library Access

If you use this facility please log out when you are done with your research:



Password: Pw207t




Password: Zv6hyw

Password: 0yCPdT